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Bigat S.r.l.s. Tilers are experts in the laying of screeds, floors, and walls of all kinds. For years they have been carrying out their work with love, dedication, creativity, and precision. More than twenty-five years of expertise in the field ensure a professional and complete servicing for the customer.
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  1. Preparation of the screed, on which the floor is laid

    The first phase of work is the preparation of the concrete slab. This cement layer must be created with particular skill, that's why it is necessary to turn to a company who already has a lot of experience, like Bigat. The important part is the determination of the dimensions in all environments, usually starting from the entrance.

    This phase is essential to avoid differences in height that may seem irrelevant to the naked eye, but which could create problems in the future, for example when opening the internal doors. The screed must also not present slopes because this could subsequently generate problems with the furnishings. Based on the characteristics of the building, Bigat creates the screed from a minimum of 4 cm up to the maximum height. In order to give the customers security, the company produces screeds in compliance with the UNI EN 13813 standard which establishes the need to create a screed that not only levels the surface but is also capable of distributing and supporting the weight load of the structure above. The traditional screed is made with sand, water, and cement. Pre-mixes which require the addition of water only are available on the market. The choice depends on the customer's needs and on the type of building.

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  1. Laying of any type of tile flooring, for both indoor and outdoor use

    Bigat is a company specialized in the installation of any type of tiles, both for indoor and outdoor use. The company works in the field of public and private construction, focusing on residential and industrial structures. Thanks to the experience gained over years, Bigat is able to guarantee the laying of floors of all types: self-leveling screeds, cork, polystyrene, and porcelain stoneware screeds, a material that is in great demand today due to its intrinsic characteristics, such as resistance to impact, scratches, and durability.

    Bigat also deals with the installation of marble floors, a very valuable material that has been increasingly in demand in recent times. It also deals with the installation of single-fired and double-firing ceramic tiles, and terracotta ceramic floors. For the coverings, the company creates mosaics, increasingly in demand for bathrooms, and majolica for the kitchen. These are just a few types of tiles, each customer can request a particular service to his liking with the certainty of always having a workmanlike installation. Bigat also deals with external flooring, for balconies, terraces, and street-level flooring. The best solution will always be offered according to customer needs.

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  1. Tiles coverings, such as bathrooms and kitchens

    The bathroom and the kitchen are places where it is very important to have a good coating because it makes cleaning easier. In addition to protecting the coating, it contributes to the aesthetics of the house, which is why it is necessary to choose a tile installer who can create mosaics and decorations. Bigat offers experience and professionalism.

    What many neglect when laying the claddings is the vertical sliding of the tiles. It increases with the weight and the dimension of every single tile. Also, in this case, the choice of a qualified installer can make the difference, because the correct choice of adhesives is also important. Experience and top quality materials ensure the installation of any type of tile and decoration without having any problems. Given the current trend of covering the walls of bedrooms and living areas in tiles, Bigat offers its professionalism also in this sector. Despite the large size of the coatings on sale for these environments, it is possible to proceed without the risk of vertical sliding.

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  1. Laying the floor using the “fresco” method, i.e. immediately after laying the screed

    BIGAT operates throughout Europe and performs the laying of floors with two different techniques that each customer can choose, taking into account the limits of each. In particular, it specializes in the “fresco” method. The mortar and cement compound are prepared, and then the floor is laid without having to wait for drying and without the use of adhesives.

    This process, however, is not suitable for porcelain stoneware, a material widely used in recent years, because it has practically zero porosity and therefore it is difficult to have good adhesion. Moreover, this method is not recommended with large-sized floors that could develop gaps. This is why it is often preferred to make the screed first, and only after it is dry lay the floor with the use of specific adhesives. In addition to having to choose the laying method, the customer must also evaluate the type of joint, which can be more or less wide. However, it must be underlined that the minimum joint is difficult to apply if the customer has chosen a non-rectified floor, in this case, a wider joint is necessary. The work ends with the application of the grout. This can be chosen in different colors and different types.

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