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Bigat S.r.l.s., for 25 years now, has been committed to offering a complete range of services in the building and ceramic sector. Bigat also offers numerous additional services, providing professionalism, competence and state-of-the-art techniques and materials every time.

The services of Bigat S.r.l.s are primarily the laying of floors and walls, the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, and the laying of the latest generation flooring such as large slabs with low thickness, up to a size of 300 Ă— 150.

Over the years, the company, which operates both in the industrial and civil sector, for companies or individuals, has acquired ever greater skills in the services offered, maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of its work and offering the customer great professionalism, high-end products and high-quality standards.

In addition to the great attention to the quality of services offered, Bigat guarantees concrete and constant availability in responding promptly to a wide range of customer needs, meeting specific requests and offering free inspections and quotes.

Our history

Based in Colliano, in the province of Salerno, Bigat S.r.l.s. was founded in February 1995 and has now a twenty years experience in the laying of floors and building renovations.

  1. 1995
    Founding of Bigat S.r.l.s.

    Our story began in 1995, when Gianpiero Buccella and Francesco Pace founded Bigat S.r.l.s. which today has more than 25 years of experience in the field of laying floors and walls.

  2. 2019
    Bigat extends its services in the European market

    Thanks to the remarkable experience acquired in the field and the attention to quality and innovation, in 2019 Bigat started to operate throughout the European territory, focusing on Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

  3. 2020
    Showroom in Switzerland

    In 2020, the first european Bigat showroom opens in Switzerland.

"Thanks to twenty years of experience we now offer a complete and high-quality service."
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Our services
Preparation of the screed
The first step is the preparation of the concrete slab
Floor laying
We specialize in the installation of any type of tile, both for indoor and outdoor use.
Tiles coatings
The coating contributes to the aesthetics of the house, choose installers with experience and professionalism.
Laying the floor
We perform the laying of the floor all over Europe with different techniques.
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